Calypso Mangoes - Mumbrella

November 11, 2011
By Mumbrella.

Eleven Communications has launched a TV campaign for fresh produce company One Harvest to promote its Calypso mangoes. The agency claims this is the first TV campaign in Australia for a brand of fruit.With a series of three commercials, the campaign carries the tagline: “With more mango and less seed, you can’t go past a Calypso.”In the first ad to be released on Sunday 20 November, an elderly woman tricks a young tall man into reaching for something high on a shopping aisle’s shelf as she steals mangoes from his trolley.Treena Welch, One Harvest’s marketing manager, said: “We are very pleased to be in a position where we can promote one of our fresh produce brands on an equal footing with traditional packaged goods.”Eleven Communications has no affiliation with Eleven PR, which is a subsidiary of WhybinTBWATequila.

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