Domino’s declares war on delivery charges with Elevencom

February 20, 2020

Domino’s has launched a major new campaign declaring war on delivery charges to promote the fact that all large Domino’s pizzas are now available from just $15 including delivery. The commercial, created by Elevencom, features an army of hundreds of Domino’s delivery experts, dozens of e-bike riders, and two gigantic Pepperoni Pete company mascots screaming “No Charge” as they run into battle.

“The campaign is based on the insight that customers don’t like the nasty surprise of extra delivery fees when they order food online,” said Allan Collins, Domino’s Chief Marketing Officer ANZ.

“We’re committed to simplifying our business and removing conditions and charges wherever we can, and our Any Large Pizza $15 Delivered deal is a big step in that journey,” Collins said.Ryan Fallowfield, Creative Director at Elevencom said the campaign was also an important step for the brand creatively.“We are continually looking to make our creative work for Domino’s more bold and engaging and we think this campaign will really stand out in the category,” Fallowfield said.