Domino’s discovers the dinosaur with Elevencom

November 18, 2020

Domino’s has launched the latest instalment of its campaign to promote its new Car Park Delivery service.

The commercial, created by Elevencom, features a T-Rex chasing a van full of panicked DNA scientists after an experiment that has apparently gotten a little out of hand. 

Through the chaos they still manage to pick up their pizza order without leaving their car.

The free, zero contact, pick-up service, which is available when placing pre-paid orders online or via the mobile app, is just one of the steps Domino’s is taking to ensure pizza lovers can still enjoy a slice of their favourite treat without coming into store.

The commercial follows an earlier execution featuring two fish driving a car full of water to collect their pizzas. 

The campaign will run in Australia and New Zealand on TV and digital channels.


Allan Collins - Chief Marketing Officer ANZ
Teneille Rudd - Brand Manager AU
Phoebe Kenny - Brand Manager NZ
Natasha Guiulfo - Assistant Brand Manager AU
Peter Walmsley-Senior Production Manager

Elevencom Creative Team:  
Ryan Fallowfield
Jono McCauley
Tim Arrowsmith
Oliver Devaris
John McLachlan, Operations Director

Production: Taxi Film Production
Jonathan Nyquist - Director
Mark Bishop - Senior Producer

Post Production: Alt VFX
Andrew Hellen -VFX Supervisor
Celeste Fairlie-VFX Producer                            

Sound: Sounds Like Butter
Stevie-leigh Batiste-Sound Designer

Media: Wavemaker
Jane Sullivan - Managing Director