Elevencom makes perfectly predictable ad for GreenSkin GMax Avocados

July 8, 2021

Elevencom has created a new campaign to launch an entirely new variety of avocado – the GreenSkin GMax. 

The campaign features an enthusiastic GMax fan who is repeatedly delighted by the perfect predictability of the new avocado brand. 

GreenSkin GMax avocados are a unique breed of avocado that’s predictably beautiful in store, predictably perfect when cut, and predictably delicious in any dish. 

They also have a smaller seed, so they have even more flesh than other varieties, and there’s even more to enjoy. 

“We wanted to launch this brand by highlighting how it solves the biggest dilemma for avocado buyers – the unpredictability of that moment when you cut your avocado open,” said Treena Welch, Executive Director, Marketing for GreenSkin Avocados.

“With GreenSkin GMax you always know that moment of truth will be a predictably perfect experience,” Welch said.