Helping launch Domino's newest team member

June 2, 2016

Recently, we were in the thick of the action playing a vital role in the launch of Domino’s newest team member, DRU.

DRU, which stands for Domino’s Robotic Unit, just happens to be the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle, developed at Domino’s purpose-built innovation space, D-Lab using a base unit powered by technology from Australian start-up company, Marathon Robotics. Using Domino’s GPS technology, DRU can deliver piping hot food and icy cold drinks directly to people’s homes. Talk about a game-changer!

Even though it’s early days for DRU, the reaction since his launch at Domino’s 2016 Rally has been nothing short of sensational with millions of dollars worth of PR generated around the world.

Our ‘Making of DRU’ video even made You Tube’s top 10 most watched ads for Q1 2016 list.